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BEGUSARAI is a land of rich cultural tradition and ample tourism possibilities. My three decades long teaching experience in this region has given me a remarkable opportunity to accustom with the heritage of my native district and its surrounding. The continuous exploration and its analysis helped me to reach the conclusion that comprehensive history of a large unit could be brought into light with integration only after in depth study of history of regions comprising that unit. To my opinion more emphasis should be given on the regional history.

The website is substantially an outcome of my decade long exhausting survey and exploration of this region.

Though the concept of history of this region had taken shape in my vision as long as almost five years ago, it was difficult for me to pen down each and every thing stealing time from my busy routine life. I would like to give credit to my few researchers and students for their help in successful completion of this work.

I take this opportunity to thank my researcher Mr. Amiya Krishna for his special interest in this project. He did just the way I wanted him to do. I feel a great deal of pleasure to give his due credit for his role in almost every aspect of this Project.

The credit also goes to Mr. Anil Kumar, Mr. Yashvir Kumar Singh, Mr. Sushant and Mr. Kundan Kumar - all my ex- students and now researcher who managed to remain with me every time I wished them to do that. They helped me in all possible ways.

My thanks are also due to Dr. C.B.P. Sinha, Lecturer, department of AIH Culture & Archaeology, G.D. College, Begusarai and Prof. Rana Sangram Sinha, Department of AIH & Culture, R.C.S. College, Bihat.

I am under deep obligation to my wife Prabha Sinha, without whose encouragement and sacrifice it could not have been possible for me to explore for such a long time and complete this project. My daughter Miss Neha deserves my special thankfulness for her sincere encouragement .

Last but not the least, I wish to give credit to Mr. Rupesh Kumar and Mr. Neeraj for their support in getting the project typed and  arranged on computer.

The keen interest and the web designing skill of Mr. Moinak Ray and Mr. Misal deserve my deep gratitude which has finally brought the website project in the present shape.


- (Dr) Shailesh Kr. Sinha


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