K.P. Jaisawal Archaeological Museum
G.D. College, Begusarai

The legend Historian of this region Prof. Radhakrishna Chowdhary had laid the foundation of this museum in the year 1946 at G.D. College Beguarai. The museum received its present renovated form in the year 2000 with the efforts of Prof. Phuleshwar Singh and Dr. Shailesh Kumar Sinha.The antiquities include stone sculptures like Surya, Buddha, Vishnu, Harihar etc belonging to the times of  Pala period.

This museum has a handful collection of Pala stone sculpture. Brahmin and Buddhist sculptures here display a true representation of the common cultural practice of the region during the Palas. The potteries displayed in the museum are remarkable. There are a number of Terracotta figurines from Maurya to present times, Punch marked & Muslim coins, terracotta beads and sealings with inscription add to the richness of the collection.