Simariya Mela (Fair)
Simariya, Begusarai

Simariya is about 20 Kms. From Begusarai District headquarters.
Situated on the Northern flank of the holy river Ganga, Simariya is the Gateway of North Bihar as far as the Railway cum roadway is concerned . The sanctity of the Ganges is unquestionable where ever it passes through but few holy- places beside it have earned more sacred identity. Simariya is one of them.

The Kartika - Mela  here has been recognized as State- Fair .
The Kalpavas on the bank of river Ganges has been appreciated even in the “Matsyamahapuran” ( chapter 108 ). Pilgrims from all over the Mithilanchal,West Bengal, Orissa and even from the downs of Nepal use to come here in the month long Kalpavas on the bank of Ganges. It seems that the bank of the Ganges cited in the poems of Vidyapati might be Simariya. The continuous flow of devotees from heart of Mithila to Simariya supports this assumption. It should also be kept in mind that the famous Ankurinath temple, few miles north to Simariya , is also known as Ankurinath Simariya Mahadeva. It is possible that river Ganges used to flow from there and Simariya might have been few miles Northern .