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Geography paves the way for the history to take shape and prosper. This region also is no exception to this theory. The holy Ganges in the south, Burhi Gandak almost bisecting, Balan and Bainti in the middle, Bagmati in the North-East and revulets like Baya, Kareh, Chanha, Deoki, Kola, etc. can be seen marking their imprints on this landscape. The river confluences at Kawar, Baraila chaur, Kola chaur and Chanha river bed area are remarkable even now a days. As far as the topology and the ancient habitat pattern is concerned, the whole region can be classified in five parts-

    1. The Ganges bed.
    2. The Kola chaur.
    3. The Kawar tal.
    4. The confluence area of Bainti, Balan and Burhi Gandak.
    5. The Chanha region.

The Ganges has always attracted many tributaries and gives shape to a number of de-tributaries. It’s catchments area also has changed the shape and direction from time to time. The old bed of Baya, Deoki etc. have many ancient sites on its coarse and they manage to find their way up to the famous ‘chaur’ area of the region. The remains of a water channel right from Bachawara and Teghra to Kola Chaur via Asurari, Chanan, Jhajhpur, Chandpura can be visualized. The Bainti, Balan and Burhi Gandak have given birth to sites like Naulagarh, Birpur, Baraipura etc.

The famous Kawar Tal is surrounded by Jaimangalgarh, Garhpura, Ekamba and many other sites of this area.

The Kola Chour nourishes the site of Masooriya dih, Damdama, Sughran, Kushmahot, Chamrahadih etc. Many rich sites like Kumharso, Herson, Garhi, Garhpura etc can be visualized in the Chanha region.

As far as the region of Begusarai District of Bihar is concerned, it falls between 25°15’to 25°45’ and   85°45’ to  86° 36’. It extends almost 75 Km. East –West and almost 45 Km North –South. Khagaria lies to its East, Samastipur to its West & North and river Ganga to its South.

Begusarai is divided administratively in five subdivision – Begusarai, Teghara, Bakhri, Balia & Manjhaul and Eighteen blocks.

How to Reach

By Train

  • Begusarai Rly. Station near N.H. – 31
  • Barauni Jn. is about  15 Kms. from Begusarai.
  • Hathidah Jn. is about 21 Kms from Begusarai.


By Bus/Taxi

  • Bus stand opposite Railway station Begusarai, N.H. – 31

Where to Stay

Hotels Near Zero Mile

  • Hotel Samrat
  • Hotel Yuvraj Delux
  • Meera Motel


Hotels Near Railway Station

  • Hotel Sayonara
  • Hotel Radhaswami


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