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Puratatvik Aivum Sanskritik Dharohar Sanrakshan Parishad is the only Non-Government Organization working in the field of conserving archaeological as well as cultural identity in this region. We completely consent to great T.S. Eliot’s view that we can only form our future on the materials of the Past and we must use our heredity instead of denying it. We can not ignore our environment too which provide us the opportunity to prosper. Bearing this view in mind; Dr.Shailesh Kumar Sinha, Head, Dept. of A.I.H. Culture & Archaeology showing promptness to provide safety to symbols of culture, identity. gave the inspiring call to the jubilant students of the dept. to assembled under a common umbrella. 22nd March 2006 was the day, when devoted students and like minded intellectuals put the foundation of the organization under the inspiring leadership of Dr.Sinha.


As the name itself suggested, the organization provides platform to Heritage conscious citizen. Aims & objectives of the organization are as follows -

  • Spreading awareness for the conservation of Heritage & Culture through Lectures, Seminars, Meetings, Audio-visual display and exhibition.
  • Promoting literary works on regional History & Culture.
  • Implementation of Science & Technology in developing the awareness skill.
  • Providing Platform to like minded people having concern for cultural and archaelogical identity.
  • Providing safety to Heritage of the Region.
  • Promoting the research and Publication of works on archaeology, historical, cultural and related issues.
  • Observing the condition of monuments, temples, mosques, sculptures, of archaeological importance and report the findings through proper chanels.


The organizational set up promotes a compact working-tie right from the central committee to ground level. All the officials and members are ground level workers.


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