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Archaeological Sites

GARHPURA TEMPLES ( Thakurbari & Shiv Temple )
Garhpura Temple

Harigiri Dham
34 K.M.North; North – East from Begusarai district headquarters.

The temple has a tradition of more than 400 years. The present Mahanth Ram Kumar Das jee is the 15th  in  the tradition. The temple follows a rectangular plan on a 1 m high platform. The base expands in an area of 20m x 20m with 10m wide courtyard and 20m x 10m2 main structures. The height is almost 10m. few Black stones and Astathatu sculpture are placed here.

  • Sun, Blackstone

Rajputa period 
H – 50 cm
W – 30 cm
The sun has been bought here from Jaimangal garh. Standing Sun holding lotus in two hands. Two female figures can be seen on each side.

  • Male deity, Blackstone

Measurement could not be taken due to customary provisions. The Deity is holding some things in its hands.

  • Stone plate, Blackstone

L – 13 cm
W – 06 cm
Seems to be the plate of Saptarishi.

Almost 1½ Kms. East to Garhpura,
32 K.M. North – East from Begusarai district headquarters.
This is a famous religious place in this region.

  • Shiv Linga, Blackstone

H – 35 cm.
Diameter – 20 cm.
It is a Mukhlinga having one face carved on the Linga.

  • Saraswati, Blackstone

H – 15 cm.
W – 10 cm.

16 K.M. E N E to Manjhaul,
34 K.M. North – East from Begusarai district headquarters.

  1. Bahura Mama Temple – The old temple near Bakhari Railway crossing has been renovated several times in the past. It is said to be almost 400 years old. A stone sculpture of ‘Bahurra Mama’, the famous Godhin in the local tradition, is placed in the Garbhagriha.
  2. Bahura Godhin Shaktipeeth – Bahura Godhin is the famous character of the local folk tradition of Bakhari and its surroundings. There are a number of stories associated to her power and glory. The old belief that the famous Godhin used to perform her magical activities is still in custom. There is an old vast ‘Pakar’ tree on this Shaktipeeth. Three ‘pindis’ namely Bahura, Durga and Kamala measuring 16 cm, 20 cm and 6 cm diameters can be seen on the incircling platform. Devotees and aspirants of magical powers used to come here and fulfill there wishes.
  3. Ram Janaki Temple – it is an old temple almost 50 m from Bahura Mama temple. Almost 15 – 16 m high ‘Shikara’ adds to its glory. An astadhatu sculpture of RamJanaki is placed in the Garbhagriha. The temple is said to be 350 years old.
  4. Shiv Temple – It is situated almost 50 m west to Ram  Janaki temple. The old Shiv temple seams to be built during the medieval period. The architecture is planned over a 4 m x 5m.  platform.

Bakhari, Begusarai
3½ Km. North – east to Bakhari and 37½ Km. ENE from Begusarai district headquarters.
River Bagmati flowing to the north of the site.
Mound – extended in almost 50 Bighas – Height – 1½ m.
Almost 1½ Km. North – west from jailakh village, the site is almost intact. Only the upper layer of the mound has been depleted.

There is a famous Bhagwati Asthan at Jailakh, said to be more than 200 years old. Some old sculpture used to be placed in the corner of the Garbhagriha, but none was ready to speak about that. Only the mark of the stele could be seen as the evidence.

In front of the old Bhagbati Asthan there is an old Peepal tree under which a small Shiva temple almost 250 – 350 years old can be seen. A square holy tank is to its North. The site presents antique landscape.
Pottery – Red ware (Plain & polished), Burnt.
Vessels – Storage vessel, Plate, Deep bowl, Small bowl, cookware.

Barauni, Begusarai
16 Km. south – west from Begusarai district headquarters.

The population shift of Bihat is remarkable with the population flow of upper caste people from the south across the Gangas and from the Mithilanchala. The down troddens might have ev