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History Of Survey And Exploration

The region is fortunate enough to have the services of prominent scholars of Ancient History, Culture and Archaeology. As early as in the early years of 1950’s, under the great leadership of Late Prof. Radhakrishna Choudhary, Dr. A. Kumar, Dr. Upendra Thakur, Dr. M.S. Pandey, Dr. R.C.P. Singh and some other scholars and history – loving people of the region started their exploration – campaign at prominent sites at Jaimangala Garh, Sanghaul and Barauni. In 1957, the remains of a wooden bridge was discovered at Jaimangalagarh by a team of local historians accompanied by Dr. R.S. Sharma, who later established it to be a Maurayan legacy. Some important sculptures of Pala – period were also explored by Prof. Radhakrishna Choudhary which are at present displayed at K.P. Jaisawal Archaeological Museum, G.D. College, Begusarai. This was the first generation of the investigators of History & Culture in this region. The activities led by Prof. R. K. Choudhary in this region has created a passion for History and Culture throughout the generations. In fact the legend historian of this region had established the platform which has been used by the later generations.

Later during 1970 – 1999, the region witnessed a continuous effort of Prof. Phuleshwar Singh and Dr. P. Gupta. The efforts and dedication of Dr. P. Gupta desires a special salute. A new site at Masuriya Dih came in light with the efforts of Prof. Singh. Sanghaul yielded some more facts.

The exploration and survey activities of the Dept. of A.I.H. & Archaeology, G.D. College got a momentum under the leadership of Prof. Phuleshwar Singh and Prof. Shailesh Kumar Sinha during 1999 – 2003. Some Professional Archaeologist and prominent scholars of regional history like Dr. Md. K.K.and Dr. D.P. Singh (A.S.I., Mid circle, Patna), Dr.Vijay Choudhary & Dr. Jagdishwar Pandey (K.P.J.R.I. Patna). Dr. O.P. Jaisawal and Dr. A.K. Singh (Dept. of A.I.H. & A, Patna University), Dr. Ram Shekhar Singh Mr. R, S, Singh and Mr. S. Jha (Directorate of Archaeology, govt. of Bihar) etc. visited this region. About three dozen of ancient sites were explored in Begusarai District only. Exploration of. Khagaria and Samastipur districts was also conducted by the same team, Important sites like Pandav Garh, Mangal Garh, Kevas in Samastipur and Alauli Garh, Jargama in Khagaria. Shri Ram Chandra Paswan, the then D.C.L.R. Khagaria accompanied and facilitated the exploration team.

After 2003, the exploration and survey activity of this region got a sharp rise. The extensive survey and exploration all over the region with the vision of establishing regional history was conducted by Dr. Shailesh Kumar Sinha, H.O.D., Dept. of A.I.H. Culture and Archaeology, G.D. College Begusarai. This continuous and exerting efforts of Dr. Sinha and enthusiasm of students and researchers of the concerned department like Anil Kumar, Yashvir Kumar Singh, Sanjeev Kumar Choudhary, Vivek Ranjan, Amiya Krishna, Sushant, Shankar Suman and Kundan Kumar, under the visionary leadership of Dr. Sinha has proved its vitality bringing in light more than 150 sites of the region. This effort has marked several Buddhist sites of the region. The enlisting and cataloguing work of the important sculptures and monuments of the region is on progress and is about to be completed shortly. The survey and documentation work conducted by Kashi Prashad Jaisawal Research Institute, Patna, re-established the historicity of the region.

Meanwhile, the prolonged effort of Dr. Shailesh Kumar Sinha since 2003 for the recognition of the clay stupa at Herson near Manjhaul received a positive response from Archaeological survey of India, Patna in 2008 recognizing this place as a stronghold of Buddhist Vajrayan. Personal curiosity and effort for the protection of the site by Dr. P. K. Mishra, the then Superintending Archaeologist, A. S. I. Patna circle would certainly prove enthusiastic for the Heritage loving people of the region. 

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